AquaFuel®: Fuel-Water Emulsion for Engines

Reducing emissions, saving fuel and reducing costs: Pursuing these aims, we developped a new fuel-water-emulsification system.

Our AquaFuel system is created with both extensive experience in engine development and excellent manufacturing technology. By combining an engine (wether new or already in use) with an AquaFuel system, the emissions of the engine are reduced noticeably, fuel consumption can be lowered. Both issues are among the biggest challenges of the future for companies in the mobility and logistics sector. Emission standards will be tightened in the near future, especially for shipping; fuel costs are high.

Although there currently is a major effort to develop new alternative propulsion systems, combustion engines will be for a long time the most important systems to power ships, diesel locomotives, other large vehicles as well as for example combined heat and power plants. Therefore, to reduce air pollution, we have to focus on their improvement. 

With AquaFuel, we offer a well-engineered and future-proof system to retrofit and optimize these engines. Gain of efficiency and competitiveness of our customers, these are our main priorities.

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