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Ship's engines

Our AquaFuel system is designed specifically for marine engines, in particular engines of barges and coastal shipping.

Emissions of ships and their impacts on riverine and coastal towns have come more and more to public attention in the last years. International agreements on emissions standards were concluded. The expansion of existing Emission Control Areas (ECA) and the designation of new ones are to be expected.

All manufacturers of marine engines are currently working on processes and measures to meet with future emission limits.
Our AquaFuel-system offers another way: retrofitting of the engine without any change in the engine itself. By connecting the system to the fuel supply and then using a fuel-water emulsion, a significant reduction in gas exhaust can be reached.

Our AquaFuel system usually comply with the current standards (IMO II)
easily. In combination with other measures (such as engine modifications "Miller Method", or installing a "small" SCR catalyst) the regulations of IMO III/ TIER 4 will be reached in the future.

To test our systems we have already been using them for nearly 10 years in stationary mode (CHP) and since 2007 also started test operations and measurements on marine engines.

A test on a barge compared an unmodified engine (TIER I) to a second engine equipped with an Aquafuel system. The results showed a reduction in fuel consumption up to 6 %, a decrease in the formation of soot  up to 90 % and a decrease in NOx up to 60 %.