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Fuel-Water Emulsification Systems

The use of fuel-water emulsions leads to a change in the combustion process. Unlike exhaust aftertreatment systems (SCR catalysts, diesel particulate filter) and exhaust gas recirculation systems they directly optimize the combustion process and thus prevent the formation of pollutants:

The water, incorporated into the fuel, will evaporate explosion like due to the high gas temperature and injection energy, leading to an improved droplet formation (micro explosion) and directly reduce the temperature inside the flame front due to (water-)evaporation and increased heat capacity.

Both effects lead to an evenly distributed flame and temperature profile, and therfore to reduced soot-formation (PM), reduced NO-formation and reduced CO-formation.

Our AquaFuel systems are currently designed for engines with a range of 1000-2000 kW (type midi) and 2000-4000 kW (type large).

ATTENTION: We now offer our AquaFuel Small system for smaller engines (50-1000 kW)!

We will be glad to make you a specific offer for other power ranges or fields of applications after an review of the individual situation.

Systems for operation with HFO are available on request.