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Research and  development in the field of reducing the emissions of diesel engines do usually ignore one possibility: the use of fuel-water mixtures.

This is due mostly to a lack of experience with these systems, furthermore, experiments did up to now not show the desired results. From our point of view, this is mainly due to a lack of adequate technical concepts.

Fuel-water mixtures can - which is basically known since the 1930s - definitely be used in internal combustion engines, without causing any damage. Initially, water was added with the aim to extend the fuel . Much later it turned out that changing the combustion process by using fuel-water mixtures resulted in other, positive effects:

- the formation of soot particles can be reduced by 80 - 90 %,
- nitrogen oxides can be reduced by 30 - 60 % and
- carbon monoxide is also reduced by 30 - 60 %.

Fuel consumption is also reduced by approx. 6 %.


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